Reach Your Open Source Community

Connect with your users and get the feedback you need to make the right decisions for your product

4 Simple Steps

Gitologie is a powerful platform for open source entrepreneurs, product managers, and hackers. 

Stop wasting and finding the right users. Just focus on getting the feedback you need to grow your product. 

  • Connect to GitHub to sign in to the Gitologie dashboard
    Connect to GitHub
  • Select your Github repository
    Select your repo
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    Contact your users
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    Get the feedback you need

Sounds amazing, right?

Gitologie hasn't launched yet, but sign up now and we'll connect with you about exclusive access to our alpha release! 🙌

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  • Exclusive Access
  • Direct Communication
  • Feedback

You Ask — We Tell

  • What is Gitologie?

    Gitologie is a simple and powerful platform for open source software entrepreneurs, product managers, and developers. We connect you with your users to get the feedback you need to make the right decisions for your project 

  • How many contacts can I expect to get?

    The number of contacts depends on the popularity of your GitHub repository. Popular repos can expect to get hundreds or even thousands of contacts! 

  • Do you share my data?

    No! We'll never share your data or any of the data we gather for you with anyone else. 

  • How does Gitologie work?

    Once you connect Gitologie to your GitHub repo, we analyse it, looking at your users' touchpoints. Then we'll pull your users' publicly available contact information and make it available to you. 

  • Can I get users from specific issues or time frames?

    We're happy to work with you to get the users you need to get in contact with. If you want to focus on specific issues or recent users, we can do that! 

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About Gitologie

I'm Phil, and I started Gitologie to solve a very real problem I had as a product manager working on open source projects. I needed to connect with my users, but they weren't coming in through traditional channels. In many cases they weren't even opening issues on GitHub, they were doing "drive-by's" on my repos and giving 👍 🎉 to the issues they cared about.  

I knew these people were the silent majority I needed to reach to get the right feedback. I created this tool to get their contacts, then reached out to them directly. Unsurprisingly, this technique worked great! Now I want to share it with you too, so we can all make better, more compelling products for our users.

Phil Sautter, Founder
    Runs on Unicorn Platform